Part 4

However, when he looked up towards the sky he was momentarily dumbfounded. Wang Dong was able to catch Xiao Xiao. He opened up his wings and maintained floating in mid-air. At this time, both of their eyes were red and Xie Huanyue felt the pressure from their presence.

“Wang Dong, put me down.” Xiao Xiao’s voice was cold. This usually calm girl is now furious. Huo Yuhao took the hit for her. Also, she can not be sure if the proctor teacher reacted in time. If not, Huo Yuhao would have been greatly hurt, if not dead. How can Xiao Xiao not be touched by that?

In addition, she felt as if it was her error that caused Xie Huanyue to be so close. This moment she was determined to fight.

Wang Dong closed his wings and put Xiao Xiao on the ground. His fury no less than that of Xiao Xiao. He stared intensely at Xie Huanyue. There was only one thought in his mind: “This bastard is trying to hurt Yuhao, I must kill him.”

Xie Huanyue also did not rush to attack. His humongous body moved slowly towards Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. The ring on his body still glowing, maintaining the size of his body. This was his Battle Spirit’s specialty. For a top Beast Battle Spirit, his goal is not just to defend but also to become a well-rounded defense and control dual Battle Spirit Master. In reality, he had already been extremely successful.  Even before the examination, him, Ning Tian, and another student have already reached the Spirit Elder level and become the core students for the outer school.

“Xiao Xiao, I need 15 seconds.” Wang Dong said under his breath. Right after saying this sentence, he closed both of his eyes and both a yellow and a purple ring shone simultaneously. Rings of golden aura shone around his blue wings. He raised his arms and closed the wings in front of him.

Xiao Xiao nodded but said nothing. Instead she took large steps towards Xie Huanyue. The Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute sounded especially excited. Rings of jade green lights spread out from her jade flute.

The Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron closed in around her as the three cauldrons surrounded her for protection.

Xie Huanyue made a sound, sat down suddenly and bounced right up. This time, he is aiming directly at Xiao Xiao. His body is his greatest weapon. Although his speed had been lessened, his confidence was still relatively high.

 As his second spirit ring lit up, he was ready to punch away Xiao Xiao’s Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron with his flexible arms.

However, right when he had yet to reach five meters from Xiao Xiao, suddenly, the three large cauldrons beside Xiao Xiao simultaneously released black light. In a flash, they rammed towards the center. They didn’t go and collide with Xie Huanyue, but instead, collided with each other. The two spirit rings that Xiao Xiao for the Three Lives Soul Sealing Caudron simultaneously lit up.

Practically all spirit masters’ spirit skills can be used in coordination, but the degree of coordination depended on the compatibility between the spirit master’s battle spirit’s strength and the spirit skills produced from the addition of the spirit rings.

Facing a powerful enemy, Xiao Xiao finally put out her strongest strategy.

National Treasure, Cauldron Shock.

The three cauldron fused into one and a loud noise can be heard. One huge cauldron appeared, bigger than any before. On this huge caudron, a odd symbol can almost be seen. There is a indescribable majestic feel that came along with the bang.   

Xie Huanyue’s arm was forced up. When his fat body collided with the cauldron, his whole body stuck to it and set in the air motionless. Rings of black lights constantly attacked his body and Xie Huanyue felt that the spirit energy within his is slowly evaporating.

Under this shock, he hurriedly circulated his spirit energy wanting to release his powerful thousand year spirit ring skill. However, to his surprise, he wasn’t able to do it. His body was stuck. He was also unable to take back the spirit skill he had already released. He can’t release the new skill but the spirit energy within keeped in evaporating. The huge cauldron stood towering like a mountain, not even a bit shaken by his collision.

The Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute disappeared at the moment of the huge cauldron’s appearance. One can clearly see black rings also ascending around her body and her face becoming more pale by the moment.

The fusion of the two skill must have consumed similar amount of energy as battle spirit fusion skill. Adding on to the use of energy previously in the battle, Xiao Xiao definitely can not keep this up long. However, within her heart, there’s only Wang Dong’s words: “15 seconds”. No matter what, she will try to last this 15 seconds.

Xiao Xiao was fully moved at the moment when Huo Yuhao threw her out without hesitation. At that second, she became fully dedicated to this team. Even though she is a girl, blood surged within her veins. For the team, she is willing to sacrifice.

15 seconds. A normally short amount of time. Yet, at this moment it felt extremely long.

Although Xie Huanyue was at level 32, he still began to panic seeing the determination in Xiao Xiao’s eyes. She seem to be putting her life on the line. Is she crazy? This is only a new student examination afterall. Even though he’s unable to understand what Xiao Xiao did to make him unmovable, he still knows that even double battle spirit cannot disobey the basic rule that the energy drainage is equal to the power exerted.

Seconds passed one by one.

The proctor teacher on the side of the examination field became nervous, he doesn’t know whether or not he should end this battle. If he did, who would be the winner? Huo Yuhao woke up from the purple light attack, he clenched his fists and can see clearly with his spirit eyes that Xiao Xiao has already used too much of her energy.

“Xiao Xiao, give up.” Huo Yuhao screamed. He would never want to see his pals getting hurt even if it meant losing the battle.

 Xiao Xiao replied by tightening her lips and the darkness around her seem to become more powerful.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao was touched by the deep determination in Xiao Xiao’s eyes. Not only him, even the elderly that was chewing on the chicken leg stopped chewing and nodded in Xiao Xiao’s direction.


When the last second came, a golden light shot up behind Xiao Xiao. Wang Dong’s Butterfly Goddess’s wings turned golden. Along with the golden light, he seemed to rise from ashes. The golden beam of light bended as his body raised higher and became a horrifying crescent shaped blade.

At this moment, the air seemed to have been ripped open and the whole battle area filled with strong spirit waves.  

Seeing the huge blade, Xie Huanyue became extremely scared. Even if he has a strong defense, he knows that he can not be able to defend this blow.

The proctor teacher dare not to hesitate any longer and rushed towards the battlefield. He grabbed Xie Huanyue, but was surprised to see that he was unable to drag him away from the cauldron. As the huge golden blade getting nearer, he felt suffocated despite being a Spirit Emperor.

This is something a Grand Spirit Master can release?  The teacher was too late to even release his own battle spirit. Instead he was only able to use his body to defend the blade.

It was at this time, a great suction force came from the sky and changed the course of the blade at the last second.

Midair, a red hand grabbed the golden blade, rubbed it and broke it.

The Xuan (Mysterious) Elder took a bit at his drumstick and said: “This Orlean flavored chicken leg is a bit salty today.” As he speaks, he stood up and walked down the steps.

The caudron then disappeared and Xiao Xiao fainted.

The glow from the Butterfly Goddess also disappeared. However, Wang Dong didn’t fall down right away. Instead, he stared at the proctor teacher and said: “We won…..” After say that, he fainted as well.

“Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao.” Huo Yuhao ran into the battle field and hugged his two pals.

Xie Huanyue shrank to his normal size. Yet his uniform is completely soaked through. Just at the previous moment, he felt like Xiao Xiao and Wang Dong was going to kill him and there’s nothing he could have done. He shivered and Xiao Xiao’s eyes will be forever etched in his mind.

At the viewing stand, all the teachers are quiet. They have all completely ignored all the other battles that are happening at that moment.

The ability of the members of Huo Yuhao’s team is not that surprising for the teacher. Especially due to the fact that they are all at least six rings level Spirit Emperors. What shocked them was Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao’s determination. Wang Dong was better, he was simply doing his best. Xiao Xiao, however, clearly overdraw her energy. This would take a long time to recover.





35 thoughts on “Chapter 26- WEIGHING THE COUNTRY, CAULDRON SHOCK

  1. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could feel that their combined power can change ALL of their spirit abilities to Battle Spirit Fusion Skills???
    they have 3 spirit each, so does that mean they can make 9 fusion skills????


    • Oh that was a somewhat misleading line. It just means their skills become more powerful and gain special attributes. So they are not real “Spirit Fusion Skills,” just better versions of their normal skills.


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