Part 2

“Okay.” Wang Yan didn’t dare say another word and retreated to the side.

After the lottery, the Freshman Examination, elimination rounds, sixteen advancing to eight competition officially began.

The examination districts were expanded once again. This time, eight wide areas began matches at the same time. Huo Yuhao’s team’s opponent this time was very weird. Instead of three girls as opponents like yesterday, this time, it became three guys.

The moment they entered the arena, they lined up horizontally. In the middle was a big, fat schoolboy. According to Shrek Academy’s admissions rules, he can only be twelve years old at most, but no matter how you look at him, his figure doesn’t look like a twelve year old at all!

His height was at least 1.7 meters, a head taller than Huo Yuhao’s trio. More importantly, his waist might have also been close to 1.7 meters….

He stood there like a small mountain of meat.

The two standing next to him were extremely slim compared to him. Not only were they a head shorter, they were mere skeletons. These two also looked alike and seemed to be brothers, but not twins. Their arms were also very slender.

Looking at these three students from afar, it was inevitable that the two thin ones would be ignored.

“Both side report your names. Prepare to battle.” The proctoring teacher said in a deep voice.

The meat mountain boy fiercely slapped his own chest and made his fat tremble, “I am Xie Huanyue, Freshman Class Two.”

“Freshman Class Two, Luo Tianlong.” (TL: Tianlong = sky dragon)

“Freshman Class Two, Luo Tianba.” (Tianba = sky tyrant)

The names of these two slender students sounded pretty domineering.

Huo Yuhao’s trio also reported their names. Then, the sixteen advance eight match officially began with the proctoring teacher’s declaration.

Before the match had even officially began, the facial muscles on the members of Huo Yuhao’s team tensed up…

The simple reason being, they once again saw three rings….

Xiao Xiao was unable to hold back and said, “Do we have horrible luck or is the school purposely playing with us?”

Three spirit rings showed up on the new student, Xie Huanyue. Not only was this the best combo of two yellow and one purple, but also the rings shone even more brightly on his huge body. His body grew from 1.7 meters (5’ 7”) to 1.9 meters (6’ 3”) as the spirit rings were released. His skin color turned dark as he pounded his chest with both of his fists, making a banging sound. He then took large steps toward Huo Yuhao’s trio.

Luo Tianlong and Luo Tianba did not release their battle spirits at the first chance, but used Xie Huanyue’s huge body to hide instead.

This was their battle tactic, and it brought them the advantage in many instances. However, this time they met the weird Huo Yuhao.

What was the point of hiding? Is it ever possible to hide from Mental Detection? As the pale golden light shone within Huo Yuhao’s eyes, a 3D image appeared in Wang Dong’s and Xiao Xiao’s minds.

This time, Xiao Xiao didn’t directly use her Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron, but pulled out her Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute instead. Since her dual Battle Spirits have already been revealed, she might as well use the most suitable one.

A melody of Group Deceleration sounded. In a moment, Xie Huanyue and the two people behind him became slower.

Wang Dong did not charge out but just released his Bright Goddess Butterfly. His pair of dazzling wings spread and blocked Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao behind him. Thus, only he and Xie Huanyue could see each other.

Even though his speed suddenly slowed, Xie Huanyue didn’t mind at all. His left foot heavily stepped on the ground. However, this time, the “pong, pong” sounds did not appear. His first spirit ring started shining then.

Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection detected that he was going to jump. However, even if he does, how high can his huge body jump?

Just as Huo Yuhao’s trio were wondering, they quickly realized their mistakes.

Xie Huanyue’s body shot up into the sky, like being launched by a Spirit Guide Cannon. This jump actually reached ten meters. Afterwards, he curled up his body like a huge ball of meat and fell toward Huo Yuhao’s trio.

Luo Tianlong and Luo Tianba started moving immediately. Even though their speed was affected by Group Deceleration, they were still fast. Each one had two yellow spirit rings. Their forearms suddenly turned silver as a huge mantis knife grew out of each arm. Not only was their speed fast, their figures also looked very dexterous.

Wang Dong tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and launched up. He didn’t use his flight ability to go toward Xie Huanyue, but charged toward the Luo brothers instead. Guillotine Wing activated at the same time. He wanted to break their agility attack using his strength attack. Since the Luo brothers’ speed was being suppressed by Xiao Xiao, they had no way to prevail against him. Wang Dong had confidence that he could block these two by himself.

As for Xie Huanyue falling from the sky, what was greeting him was, of course, Xiao Xiao’s Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron.

The Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron split into three in the sky. It didn’t try to win but only not to make a mistake. The second ability, Cauldron Tremor activated.

Xiao Xiao did not underestimate her opponent at all. He was a real Spirit Elder. So, she activated her most powerful spirit ability from the start.

What was surprising was, even against Xiao Xiao’s attack, Xie Huanyue didn’t try to dodge nor use a spirit ability, but let the three huge cauldrons hit his body directly.

The instant they collided, Xie Huanyue’s body revolved once in the sky, and his first spirit ring finally started shining as he used his first spirit ability.

His originally enormous body expanded once again. This time, it was like a balloon being filled with air as his body became more rounded.

The Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron collided against his body and Cauldron Tremor just activated before that enormous “balloon” suddenly shrunk. It managed to completely neutralize Cauldron Tremor’s power. Afterwards, it fell down straight as an arrow from the sky, directly smashing toward Xiao Xiao.

So powerful. At this moment, Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao felt that even though they knew it was coming, it would still be impossible to block it. This Xie Huanyue’s spirit ability was very strange. It must be some kind of unique Beast Battle Spirit. However, they don’t know which.

Wang Dong did not falter. Even though the two opponents were strong, he was able to to use Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection and Sharing, plus his Guillotine Wing’s toughness and sharpness, to not falter even as one versus two. However, the Luo brothers were not only fast, but also cunning. They strived to avoid direct contact against Wang Dong. The winner could not be determined at the moment.

“Pong—” Xie Huanyue’s enormous falling body was like a huge rubber ball, but it was still hit flying by the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron in the end, because he received both Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault and Xiao Xiao’s Cauldron Tremor at the same time.


35 thoughts on “Chapter 26- WEIGHING THE COUNTRY, CAULDRON SHOCK

  1. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could feel that their combined power can change ALL of their spirit abilities to Battle Spirit Fusion Skills???
    they have 3 spirit each, so does that mean they can make 9 fusion skills????


    • Oh that was a somewhat misleading line. It just means their skills become more powerful and gain special attributes. So they are not real “Spirit Fusion Skills,” just better versions of their normal skills.


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