Chapter 26 Weighing the Country, Cauldron Shock

Part 1

Mu Jin left and Nanmen Yun Er said her farewells, too. Only Wu Feng remained to keep Ning Tian company. Even though the three of them were a team, the truth was that Ning Tian and Wu Feng had a much closer relationship. Nanmen Yun Er was just their classmate.

“Young master, we can’t just let it go. That bastard dared to hurt you. Should we move our family’s power?” said Wu Feng with hatred.

Ning Tian’s eyes flashed with a hint of dissatisfaction, “Sister Feng, don’t let anger cloud your intelligence. This is Shrek Academy. How can we easily move our family’s power? Also, we lost based on our own abilities and there is no reason to blame anyone. We will need to use our own power to wipe clean this humiliation. And, I said before that you shouldn’t call me young master in the academy. We are sisters.”

“Okay.” Wu Feng answered obediently and softly nodded.

After Ning Tian thought for a moment, she said, “Tomorrow, we will try to observe their match. If we watch carefully, we will definitely be able to catch some clues. Winning against us can’t be only luck. They have real power. I think that ten-year spirit ring student is called Huo Yuhao. He is worth our attention. He might become our most powerful opponent during our time in the outer school.”

Good thing elimination matches were carried out separately and do not allow many observers so no one paid much attention to Huo Yuhao’s trio.

After successfully entering the top sixteen by defeating one of the strongest teams, Huo Yuhao’s trio not only understood their own powers but gained confidence. They no longer feared Spirit Elders. Didn’t they just win against a Spirit Elder team? Even a powerful team like Ning Tian’s lost to them. They were overjoyed.

The roast fish promised to Xiao Xiao finally became reality. Huo Yuhao ran out to sell twelve and saved the rest for a picnic with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. They didn’t go back until the sky darkened.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong washed up. Huo Yuhao knew Wang Dong was fussy so he put on a new set of clean clothes. “Your bed today or mine?”

Wang Dong’s face hardened and he angrily said, “Will you die if you add the words ‘training’? Don’t make it sound so ambiguous.”

Huo Yuhao felt helpless, “Don’t listen to Xiao Xiao. I won’t like you. I admire beautiful girls.”

Wang Dong snorted, “We will each stay on our own beds. Yours is too hard.”

Huo Yuhao frowned, “Don’t be annoying, hurry up. Let’s cultivate together so we can double our cultivation speed. Don’t you want to catch up to Ning Tian’s Spirit Power level faster?”

Wang Dong gave a sly smile, “Who is being annoying. Who said we can’t cultivate together if we sleep on our own beds? Just drag your bed over and leave a 50cm gap to my bed. That way, we can just extend our arms while sitting on our own beds. The gap can be the divide.”

Huo Yuhao rolled his eyes, “Aren’t you tired? Isn’t this just deceiving yourself?”

Wang Dong glared with his pair of big, beautiful eyes, “Are you coming or not? If not, then I’m going to sleep. I’m not such a hardworking person anyway. If it wasn’t for you, who would want to cultivate at night.”

“Fine, you win.” Without any choice, Huo Yuhao could only move his bed next to Wang Dong’s and sat on his own bed.

Wang Dong raised his hands and their palms touched. HaoDong power quickly started circulating.

Winning against Ning Tian today was the first time they tried to use HaoDong power to use a spirit ability. They had succeeded. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could feel that their combined power can change all of their spirit abilities to Battle Spirit Fusion Skills. To move both of their Spirit Powers for an ability means they can make it much more powerful than what they can do alone, while not as powerful as a true Battle Spirit Fusion Skill. It was through this that they were able to smoothly defeat their opponents today.

Today’s battle was also the first time that Huo Yuhao felt powerful. However, his cultivation is still too low. Even though they combined their Spirit Power for the ability, it could only reach the level of a three ring Spirit Elder’s level. Huo Yuhao’s own Spirit Power was just too weak. If Soul Assault wasn’t a special mental type attack ability, they might not have won so fast today.

It was only the first day of the competition, but most new students have already been eliminated. The competition will continue with with the second day. This will involve sixteen strong teams, a total of forty eight students. It can be said that they were the leaders of their generation. It can even be said that they were among the most outstanding Spirit Masters of their age in the entire continent.

During the top sixteen lottery, Huo Yuhao’s trio saw familiar people. It was Huang Chutian’s team that had lost to them during the small group matches.

Huo Yuhao said to Wang Dong in a low voice, “How long do you think the Lan sisters have to rest before they can use their Battle Spirit Fusion Skill again?”

Wang Dong responded, “Probably not too long. I feel that even though they are twins, their Battle Spirit Fusion Skill isn’t too powerful. Probably because their compatibility isn’t too high. Its explosive force is not enough, but its restraining ability is pretty good. However, they can’t afford to continuously use their Spirit Power. If we meet them again, we won’t need you to attack. You just need to help me release a Light of the Butterfly Goddess and I have confidence in destroying their Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”

They observed other participants as they talked. Now that the elimination competition has progressed this far, Huo Yuhao was probably the only one ring Spirit Master left.

Today, there were many more people on the observation platform than yesterday. Even though the competitions have not started, the platform was already full of people. The most curious was a blank area around three square meters in the center of the platform. An elder with messy hair, wearing worn clothes stood there without shoes, while drinking alcohol from a large, purple gourd. He also had a few fried chicken legs next to him, along with one that he was holding himself. A mouth of alcohol, another of meat, happily enjoying himself.

Everyone on the observation platform were Shrek Academy teachers, but not one stood next to this elder and none dared to question him.

“Elder Xuan, you’re here.” Wang Yan respectfully walked next to the elder and greeted him.

“Yes.” The elder just snorted and continued eating.

Wang Yan pointed down from the platform and said, “The three youngsters I mentioned yesterday are there. Yesterday….”

He had just spoken to this point before Elder Xuan impatiently waved a chicken leg at him, “I will see for myself.”


35 thoughts on “Chapter 26- WEIGHING THE COUNTRY, CAULDRON SHOCK

  1. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong could feel that their combined power can change ALL of their spirit abilities to Battle Spirit Fusion Skills???
    they have 3 spirit each, so does that mean they can make 9 fusion skills????


    • Oh that was a somewhat misleading line. It just means their skills become more powerful and gain special attributes. So they are not real “Spirit Fusion Skills,” just better versions of their normal skills.


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