Part 4

What Wang Dong felt was lessened due to their spirit fusion which provided them immunity to each other’s spirit abilities. If it were anyone else, even if the person does not receive the attack directly, he would have been dazed.

If Ning Tian had felt like her brain was being pricked by needles before, then this time she felt as if she was ferociously pounded by a sledgehammer. Everything before her eyes went blank, her body softened, and she fell to the ground. Furthermore, fresh blood flowed out of her nose and mouth like small snakes.

Her second spirit ability was only able to remove the support abilities while Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault was a mental type attack in the truest sense. How could her second spirit ability have been able to dispel it? Moreover, this attack was accomplished by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s cooperation. Even if the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda Battle Spirit was stronger, it still wouldn’t have the ability to defend against a mental attack. In a sense, Ning Tian’s amplification ability just so happened to be restrained by Huo Yuhao.  

Wu Feng had already started charging towards Huo Yuhao’s trio when her body suddenly slowed down. The amplified speed and strength that she had just a moment before completely disappeared.  She was startled and turned her head back to look at Ning Tian just in time to see her fall. No longer caring about the enemy, she turned and ran back to Ning Tian’s side to hold her.

“Ning Tian, Ning Tian what’s wrong with you?” Wu Feng started panicking as she watched Ning Tian’s blood flowing out of her mouth and nose.

Xiao Xiao suddenly turned toward Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. She whispered in surprise, “You two made this mess?”

Wang Dong proudly smiled while Huo Yuhao shrugged his shoulders and said, “Your use of the word mess isn’t very good.”

The proctoring teacher at the side was somewhat stunned. It wasn’t until Huo Yuhao’s reminder that he declared the winners of this match. Although Wu Feng still had an unaccepting look on her face, there was no way she could have won against Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao without Ning Tian’s support and Nanmen Yun Er’s speed. Moreover, she was anxious to get Ning Tian treated and didn’t care about such things.

On top of the observation platform, Mu Jin had become completely lifeless long ago. She didn’t dare believe her eyes. Two Spirit Grandmasters plus one Spirit Elder, one having the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda, hailed as the number one tool spirit under the heavens, lost to two Spirit Grandmasters and a Spirit Master with only a ten-year spirit ring.

No one would have believed such an outcome was possible with this power difference.

However, the reality was in front of their eyes. Ning Tian’s team had lost.

Fan Yu’s eyes revealed a hint of a smile. He turned toward Zhou Yi and said, “This was really a marvelous match. Your students amaze me. Especially that Huo Yuhao. I didn’t expect that he would have this kind of ability.”

Zhou Yi’s eyes was filled with pleasure. “Let’s go,” she said, as she took the lead toward the platform’s stairs. When she passed by Mu Jin, she coldly swept a glance over her. But, she didn’t say anything. She leapt and jumped off the twenty meter high platform.

Fan Yu didn’t so much as look at Mu Jin, and similarly floated down to follow Zhou Yi.

“What did you two do just now?  Why did Ning Tian lose consciousness?” After leaving the examination district, Xiao Xiao didn’t forget to ask about the suspicions in her heart.

Huo Yuhao chuckled as he said, “It was an attack using my mental power. She was caught off guard and got knocked unconscious by it.”

“Oh? It can do that? No wonder her previous spirit abilities were interrupted. That was also you?” Xiao Xiao had a shocked face.

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, “Maybe this is the body Battle Spirit’s advantage. In addition, this was also done with our Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eye foundation. I used Purple Demon Eye to stimulate my mental power and create such a good result. As for me later calling Wang Dong back and the mental attack becoming stronger, that was because in the past few days, we have succeeded in Battle Spirit Fusion.”

Everyone were teammates. Xiao Xiao had done her best in the last match and Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s HaoDong power will still have uses in future battles so it was impossible to hide. They might as well tell her about it early, in case she develops resentment.

Xiao Xiao blankly stared at them, point to Huo Yuhao, then pointed to Wang Dong. She stuttered with a voice that made the two don’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I am becoming more and more suspicious of whether you two are gay….”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, “What are you talking about?”

Xiao Xiao lifted a hand each from both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, then put their hands together. She glanced at Huo Yuhao with contempt and said, “You don’t even know something so popular. Being gay is the romance between men.”


Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong ran at the same time. Xiao Xiao turned and ran while giving out a silvery, bell-like laughter. She still didn’t forget to release her Nine Phoenix Dancing Flute. She played a reducing speed tune to slow down the speed of the two guys chasing after her.

In complete contrast to their high spirited smiles and rowdiness, Ning Tian slowly woke up through the aid of a healing type high level Spirit Master in the infirmary.


She had just awakened when she couldn’t help but hug her head and curl herself up. The sharp pain from her brain made her forehead immediately overflow with cold sweat.

“Ning Tian, Ning Tian……”

Wu Feng hugged her body in deep concern. Nanmen Yun Er stood on the side with a face of confusion.  

Their Teacher Mu Jin’s complexion was very gloomy as she faced the teacher who had just treated Ning Tian and asked, “What’s wrong with her? What caused her to become unconscious?”

The treatment teacher muttered, “I’m not sure. It seemed like her head was hit and resulted in a concussion-like symptom. However, you do know that our brain is the most intricate organ. Even till now, no one can say to completely understand it and therefore, I can only make a diagnosis based on the symptoms. Also, I can’t say it very well. It feels like her head was hit and thus causing a concussion. Luckily, her Spirit Power is healing very well. There shouldn’t be any major issues and she should recover soon.”

“Thank you.” Mu Jin thanked the treatment teacher and came to the bedside.

After a brief period of unresponsiveness, Ning Tian’s headache gradually eased up and her breathing also became much calmer.

Nanmen Yun Er softly asked Mu Jin, “Teacher Mu, what happened at the end? How did we lose the match?” Even now she still didn’t understand why her side had lost.

Mu Jin’s complexion was grave and she remained silent. How could Nanmen Yun Er’s question not be the doubts in her heart? She also didn’t know where they had lost in this match. She can clearly see the whole battle on the observation deck. Yet, she was not able to see the details that went on. Especially when Huo Yuhao, whom Wang Dong had used his two wings to cover, had used HaoDong power to launch Soul Assault. Hopefully Ning Tian can answer this question after she wakes up.

After a another quarter of an hour had passed, Ning Tian slowly awoke from her unconscious state. When she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help creasing her brows again. The pain in her head had already dulled a lot and her consciousness had gradually returned.

Wu Feng supported her up to drink a bit of water. Only then did Ning Tian’s pale face look a bit better. Seeing Mu Jin standing in front of the bed, her charming face couldn’t help displaying a trace of shame, “Teacher Mu Jin, we lost.”

Mu Jin nodded at her and said warmly, “Don’t worry about it. It’s ok to lose the battle as long as you are ok.”

Mu Jin’s words brought warmth to Ning Tian’s heart, “Teacher Mu, can you see what exactly did we lose to from the observation deck?”

Mu Jin was stunned, “You don’t know as well?”

Ning Tin touched her forehead and focused, “After helping Wu Feng, I increased the three complementary skill just in case. However, the next moment, I saw a ball of purple golden light in front of my eyes. Then, it seemed like a large hammer landed on my head and I became unconscious.”

Wu Feng furiously said, “Bastards! How can they be so harsh. Teacher Mu, we can’t just let it go like this.”

Mu Jin glanced at her coldly, “What did you expect? This is an examination. You think it is one of the game battles in the clan?  

Wu Feng lowered her head and stopped talking. However, she still held a tight fist and both anger and hatred could be seen within her eyes.

Mu Jin asked Ning Tian, “Think carefully, did anything strange happen before you fainted?”

Ning Tian thought for a second and said: “Although I don’t know how they did it, the problem must be that Spirit Master. From the beginning to end of the battle, his spirit ring continued shining. This means that he must have been constantly releasing an ability that we could not detect. I vaguely saw golden light flashing in his eyes. With only a ten-year ring, he must be special to form a team with such a strong Battle Spirit Master and a dual spirit control Spirit Master. He also stopped my aid to my team during a critical point. At that time, my head felt like it was poked by a needle. However, the second time, his attack was much stronger.”

Thoughts flowed into Mu Jin’s brain. That’s right! The newbie Spirit Master did almost nothing throughout the whole battle. It was always the Bright Goddess Butterfly and the dual spirit Spirit Master that were fighting the battle. What was his use? Zhou Yi’s confidence must be related to the ten-year ring newbie.

After calming her anger, Mu Jin said: “We already lost. Just use this experience as a lesson. All of you have already passed the new student examination and therefore will probably face each other again in the future. Ning Tian, just rest well for now.”

“Thank you, Teacher Mu.”



  1. Thanks for the chapter XD

    Maybe you should go back to dividing the chapters into parts, and updating each part while posting it towards us…

    We get the chapters sooner and the project will then look smaller. Most translators for this author usually post the chapter parts at a time anyways, so you wouldn’t be the only one 😛

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      • I know.. I’m just saying that you don’t need ta post the chapters whole.

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  2. I always find it hilarious that people get mad when their opponent uses a skill that beats them. Even more when they rage against a support user. Was Ning Tian also using a support skill and didn’t directly fight? Sheesh. Sore losers.


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