Part 1

Wang Dong said while laughing, “Are you a sadist? Oh yeah, we should cultivate a bit here. When Old Lady Zhou comes back later, she will see us practicing and she will definitely think that we’re very hardworking. Her mood would improve a lot.”

Huo Yuhao raised his hand and knocked at the top of Wang Dong’s head. “You sure are good at taking shortcuts.”

“Bullshit, you’re the one who’s good at taking shortcuts. We still have a match in the afternoon and therefore it is crucial that we recover as soon as possible. What’s wrong with wanting to do a bit of recovering? Are you coming or not? Hurry up.” While saying so, he had already taken off his shoes and sat cross-legged on the sofa. In addition, he extended his hands towards Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was always someone who would cultivate when he had time. Naturally, he wouldn’t refuse. He imitated Wang Dong’s manner and connected their four palms. The two people simultaneously urged their Spirit Power to move.

When their Spirit Powers began to circulate and fuse with each other, their feeling differed to some extent from yesterday’s cultivation. The two people’s Spirit Power seemed to become even more intimate. Moreover, the initial fusing speed was clearly faster than yesterday’s. Practically one touch, and HaoDong Spirit Power emerged. Spurred on by their respective consciousnesses, it started circulating along their cultivation paths. Compared to yesterday, the cultivation speed was at least ten percent faster.

Due to them closing their eyes the moment they began cultivating, they didn’t realize that above their interlocked pair of hands, a dim blue, purple, and gold tri-colored light was slowly emitted. It revolved around their arms and began to circle their bodies. Gradually, their bodies were also covered in a layer of this color.

Originally, they only wanted to recover a bit of their Spirit Power. But since they started, they quickly entered into a meditative state, completely oblivious of the outside world.

Soon after they started cultivating, Zhou Yi had returned with someone. If Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were still aware, they would have been greatly shocked. Because the person who she brought was actually their proctor, Wang Yan, from the round robin rounds.

Wang Yan was shocked and Zhou Yi blanked upon seeing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong in cultivation. Right after, they made a gesture to be quite toward each other at the same time.

Zhou Yi’s eyes showed a questioning look but Wang Yan shook his head. Then he quietly walked next to Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong and bent down. After carefully examining their situation, he focused on their Spirit Power fluctuations.

The more he felt it, the more shocked Wang Yan’s face appeared. He subconsciously rubbed his hands together.

Zhou Yi and Wang Yan had known each other for more than a day or two. She knew that this movement meant he was both anxious and excited. She was a teacher herself, she could feel the mystery surrounding Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s current situation. It was something she had never encountered before. Two Spirit Masters were actually combining their cultivation and instead of conflicting, their Spirit Power actually fused. From the blue, purple and gold color flowing rapidly outwards, one can see how fast they were cultivating. Even a three ring Spirit Elder may not be able to achieve their current speed!

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong stopped after finishing thirty-six continuous cycles. Not only did they recover all the Spirit Power they expended in the morning’s match, they even advanced a step.

They let out a long breath at the same time and gradually retracted their Spirit Power. The glow on their bodies also slowly dissipated.

Opening their eyes, both were filled with a refreshing feeling. Cultivating like this was a pleasure. However, they were quickly surprised by who was in front of them.

“Teacher Zhou? Teacher Wang?” Huo Yuhao was shocked after seeing Zhou Yi and Wang Yan, each in a chair not far from the sofa, focused on them.

Wang Dong was also surprised. Only now did they notice that they were still in Zhou Yi’s office.

Huo Yuhao said with some awkwardness, “Teacher Zhou, we wanted to quickly recover our Spirit Power to prepare for our match in the afternoon, so…”

Zhou Yi waved her hand, “You don’t need to explain. Knowing to work hard is a good thing. This is Teacher Wang Yan, the most exceptional teacher in the Theoretical Department. His standing is even a grade higher than mine. He also has a lot of research into Battle Spirit Fusion.”

Wang Yan slightly smiled, “I think we don’t need an introduction. We have already met. Their round robin matches’ proctoring teacher was me.” By now, his mind had returned to a calmer state. As for the heart, only he would know.

“Teacher Wang.” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong bowed to Wang Yan together.

Wang Yan nodded, “I had already carefully inspected your cultivation situation. Originally, I didn’t believe what Zhou Yi told me. But looking at it now, it seems it was me who was inexperienced. I can completely confirm your claim toward Zhou Yi. You guys really did accomplish Battle Spirit Fusion and should have a Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”

Zhou Yi looked at him with shock but didn’t interrupt.

Wang Yan continued, “Your Spirit Powers actually managed to fuse together without a hint of conflict and even managed to help in your cultivation. This is the first time such a phenomenon has occurred in our Shrek Academy’s ten thousand years of records. The only explanation is that your Battle Spirit Fusion is 100% perfect. This is the only mythical situation which would let your Spirit Power fuse and enjoy an increase in cultivation speed. Congratulations. I can predict that you guys will become the pride of Shrek Academy in the future.”

Huo Yuhao was impressed after listening to Wang Yan’s words. He had heard perfect Battle Spirit Fusion from Daydream Iceworm before. However, Wang Yan had not even known them, yet was able to analyze the situation so perfectly. No wonder he was one of the representative figures within the school.

Wang Dong then asked with confusion, “Teacher Wang, if that’s the case, why did our Battle Spirit Fusion fail today? Just moments ago, me and Huo Yuhao tried it and were unable to release the skill!”

Wang Yan chuckled and said, “Do you think that Battle Spirit Fusion Skill is an ordinary skill? It’s not that simple. Only when your Battle Spirit and mental strength are both at their best state can the skill be released. It’s my first time to see a perfect Battle Spirit Fusion happen. From my experience, there is a buffering period. During this period you are unable to release the skill. Normally, the time is about seven days. As your cultivation level increases, the buffering time period will shorten until you have total control over the Battle Spirit Fusion Skill.”


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      • Its ok, i know life tends to get in the way sometimes. I was just super excited about full chapter every days so i was a bit upset when it didn’t happen.

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  4. An interesting thing I came by is that there’s a third book already 🙌The Legend of the Dragon King after another 10 thousand years has past.😮 Ha ….ha…ha…. Great


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