Chapter 23 – Dying Bright in the Gold Road (I)

Chapter 23 – Dying Bright in the Gold Road, Part 1

On one side, pale golden light emitted from Huo Yuhao’s eyes.

On the other side, the dazzling wings of the Bright Goddess Butterfly unfurled behind Wang Dong.

At the instant that they released their Battle Spirits during their embrace, light filled the surrounding area of ten meters diameter. This special light seemed to be illuminating and blossoming out of their bodies.

It was a very strange kind of light; blue, purple, and gold colors transforming into a singular brilliance. It had a bright and rich quality, and emitted many exotic Spirit Power fluctuations.

Behind Wang Dong, a bright light shone and took the form of a complete and magnificent Bright Goddess Butterfly.

At Huo Yuhao’s back, the ghostly image of a giant vertical eye appeared. Most of this image was a pale golden color, but the pupil was a faint purple.

After a short time, Huo Yuhao’s and Wang Dong’s bodies returned to normal, but they soon discovered that the area surrounding their bodies was full of that intense light.

In the air above, the two shadowy images slowly drew close to each other. During this process, the two images also began to change. Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eye image gradually grew more profound. It has almost completely changed to the color of blue-violet; the gold color seemed to have been absorbed.

Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly light burned with a blue-gold flame as it got closer to the Spirit Eye.

Finally, after what seemed like a very long time, Huo Yuhao’s and Wang Dong’s Battle Spirit lights contacted each other over their heads.

Suddenly, the bodies of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong shook violently and their fused Hao Dong Power shot out, almost using up their entire strength.

The burning Bright Goddess Butterfly opened its dazzling pair of wings and slowly hugged the Spirit Eye image. Flash! The Bright Goddess Butterfly disappeared and the Spirit Eye, now huge, glowed with blue and purple light.

In that moment, a dazzling blue and golden light blossomed in the Spirit Eye’s light shadow. The light slowly faded as the image hovered protectively over the still-embracing Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

The huge Spirit Eye looked very profound, as if the entire world was within its gaze. The next moment, a terrible blue, purple, and gold tri-colored light shot out.

This beam had a magical color and flew out straight, in its path, all vegetation turned to nothingness. That brilliant moment stretched to eternity. The tri-colored light trail left behind halos that did not disperse, and became a blur of dazzling color.

However, Huo Yuhao and Wang dong failed to see this scene. When that light burst, Hao Dong Power drained their energy. They felt so weak that they instantly fell to the ground, unconscious……

Battle Spirit Fusion Skills have always been very powerful, and this was their first attempt, they had to learn the process of fusing two Battle Spirits. The Spirit Power and mental power consumption was huge, and since they had never before experienced this situation, fainting was not strange.

Still holding and hugging onto each other, they just fell down flat…

A silent night…

An eventual dawn…

Without knowing when, Wang Dong awoke from this coma-like sleep, and felt in his heart the urge to die.

Bad enough that it was in bed the last time, but today, looking at it, they are still holding each other tight, but in a mess of dust, cut grass, and dew. They had directly fallen asleep in the field. Was this the legendary night stand?

“Huo Yuhao, you let me go.” Wang Dong struggled to climb from Huo Yuhao’s arms, his face holding a look of hysteria.

Huo Yuhao opened his hazy eyes and was shocked to find out the sky was already bright, he sat up to stand. But the next moment, he saw standing in front of him, and staring down at him, Wang Dong with a face like a storm might strike.

Wang Dong gnashed his teeth and glared at him, “Yesterday, you said we wouldn’t fall asleep hugging like that?”

“I, I said that?” Huo Yuhao said blankly.

“You…, I’ll fight you.” Wang Dong shoved forward, then sat astride Huo Yuhao’s body, hands striking at his face.

Huo Yuhao quickly caught his hands, eyes blankly looking to the side, “You, you see…”

“What are you looking…” words came out of Wang Dong’s mouth as his eyes subconsciously glanced in the direction that Huo Yuhao was looking in. With this glance, he was also unable to take back his gaze.

They were stunned to see, in a 45-degree angle off to their side, there appeared a ditch. A very strange ditch.

This ditch was about five meters wide, a third of a meter deep, and extended straight for about fifty meters, and then it quietly disappeared.

If it was only the size of the ditch, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong would never have been so surprised. After all, they had used Battle Spirit Fusion, and even spent all of their Spirit Power, such that they had been unconscious all night, so powerful would be normal.

But the most terrifying thing was that in the trench that was supposed to be filled with mud, there was a shining layer of pale gold, exactly the same pale gold color as Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eye Battle Spirit.

Not just the soil on the ground, because the path the ditch passed through contained a few trees, a tree close to the edge of the sweep had a semicircular depression cut into it, the surface of that depression also presented a pale gold color. On both sides of the trench, all vegetation that had just been grazed had been left with such a color.

At this moment, under the shining sun, a thin layer of brilliant pale gold color, like a golden road, was presented before Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. Seeing this, how could they not be surprised?

“This, this was caused by your Bright Goddess Butterfly?” Huo Yuhao asked blankly.

Wang Dong, still astride him, subconsciously shook his head and said, “No, absolutely not. Although my Battle Spirit is gold, it is a bright gold or a blue and gold, not this pale gold. This, this looks like the same color as your Spirit Eye!”

Huo Yuhao patted his thigh and said, “Get down, we have to go look.”

“Ok.” Wang Dong, at the moment, was caught up in the golden road, and did not pay attention to Huo Yuhao patting close to his butt, but stood up and stepped away; Huo Yuhao also immediately stood up, and the two walked to the front of the gold road and squatted down.

Wang Dong reached out to touch it, but was grabbed by Huo Yuhao, “You said this is like my Spirit Eye color, so let me.” Then his other hand probed into the ditch to touch the top of that gold color.


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26 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Dying Bright in the Gold Road (I)

  1. thanks—!
    eh…more battle fusion things! i’m just waiting for the battle, honestly…not having people to give shocked reactions takes out much of the fun…and i don’t even ship them, rofl.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You gotta remember… it isn’t the chapters that feel to long, but the wait we have to go through for each chapter >.<

      Sadly, translators don't have infinite energy and a DBZ Time Chamber so that they could focus only on translating during all that time


      • no, that’s not so for me. it’s really that i’m not very interested in their battle fusion skill development and i just want to see the has nothing to do with translating speed for me, though it might be so for others.


        • Well ya, but every novel has something that bores some people. But it is an important plot point…

          But if the translation were magically faster (note: I’m actually grateful for the translations, and this is in no way an attack to our beloved translator) would you care much when going through these moments?

          You’d be able to quickly go through these moments you don’t care about and reach the scenes that you do like at a much faster rate.


          • true, i recognise it’s a necessary plot point,and the battle fusion skill will certainly be of much use in the future. oh, even if the translations were faster, i would still comment about not liking these scenes. i must make my voice heard—-!
            ahem, it’ll affect me the same way either way, lol. also, i follow novels that are only updated every few weeks, so it’s not about speed. wahaha—-


            • If it helps, consider this: The two of them have basically created their own version of the Death Star main cannon.

              Now go think about how much fun it’s going to be when they zap somebody with it.


                • Well, anyways you we’ll still see a lot of those scenes in the future. From this part you can see that their Spirit Fusion will play a major point in the story and that they have just started it. In total they have six spirits and they can make a six Spirits Fusion, but to get there I would guess they will need to have spirit power around the 60-70… Each time their Spirit Fusion upgrades you will get something similar to this, in other words, you are doomed haha. I could be wrong, but I strongly believe it will turn out something like that.


                  • no, well, this is clearly a build-up so that it will indicate great things for the future! and they aay the first step is always the hardest. i want it to be put into action, rather than the theory, but that’smy preference. i know it’s necessary for the author to write about all these details because there are people who read them.


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