Searching for a new story to translate.


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  1. Hey cookiepasta, your doing awesome work on sl2 keep it up 🙂
    Im also looking to get into translating although im only just starting to teach myself chinese, if you want a proofreader im up for the job, ive been an avid reader since i was young so im fairly good at picking out typos and fixing sentences up lemme know if your interested at all at taylor.devenish@gmail.com

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    • Hi there. Thank you for your interest. Right now we already have proofreaders but if the situation changes, we will let you know! Also, learning Chinese to translate will be quite an adventure. You should try reading a variety of stories and get a sense of the culture. We don’t actually translate verbatim to English since most sentences would have tons of commas and be meaningless that way. The only way to really understand and interpret is to read lots and lots!


  2. Yay, thanks! Weird question, but is there a lot of spoilers for Douluo Dalu I? I’m afraid of reading the second before the translation team for the first one finishes D:


  3. Thank you for picking this up. It was so disappointing when it was dropped originally. I actually enjoy this story more than the original DD or I will until the gary stu’s harem comes in. The last sentence is a quest for spoilers do not take it seriously. # harem’s ruin stories # having every female character infatuated with one dude ruins stories # too much Japanese harems # fan of the reverse harem.


    • I also enyoy this one more than DD1! ❤
      It's really great that this project has been picked up!
      Thank you translators! These translations are awesome ❤
      Keep them coming ❤


  4. Hi,

    I was looking for an email to reach you but could not find one. I wanted to contact you about a community of translators which I thought you might have interest in joining.


    Judge what we are doing for yourself. If you ever want to join we are always welcoming new people with a passion for novels.

    Thanks for reading 🙂


  5. I appreciate the efforts u guys @ cookiepasta are putting on Duoluo Dalu 2…hoping that u guys “may” pick up Duoluo Dalu 2.5 & 3>>>yes I’m an Oliver Twist….ahhhahha


    • radiant translations have already picked up DD3 and DD2.5 has too many spoilers for both DD1 and 2 so…. even if I do translate it, it would ruin the story for the first two main stories…


  6. Thanks for the translations!!!! Just wanted to drop by and say that I am a reader… although not the type to usually comment. =D =P Just wanna say I enjoy your work and hope you keep going!!!! It doesn’t matter how fast, (but we do love fast releases… hihi) we -every reader of DD1, DD2, etc. who enjoys the story really appreciate the translators!


  7. Loved the book, read through it in Chinese. The series got me started on blazing through Chinese Web novels. Contact me if you all need more translators, would be glad to help get the series to more English readers.


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