Ending our translation

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry, but we might have to drop the translation for this series. Both Setras and I are really busy, and it seems like we were unable to keep our releasing schedule. Thanks everyone for all the support and sorry once again for the disappointment.

Edit: Please post below or message us if you would like to pick up this project.


50 thoughts on “Ending our translation

  1. Awwww… I wont be a brat but I really wished to confirm a opponent name they will face later and if it fit the manhuwa (the Zu family I believe, using bows).

    Then again, all the translations for this serie were welcome and you will be missed friends. Hope you’ll pick it up where you left it eventually later in your life! 😦

    Happy Holidays and take care!

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  2. I thought many times about suggesting you ti drop this translation because it seems like you’re both going through a moment in your life full of changes, so it’s alright to drop it now, you may keep going un the future who knows.. as everyone already said, it would be great if you could find someone who can continue your work like wuxiaworld of radiantTranslation, this series is already succesfull so it’ll be a pity not to keep traslating it..

    Thanks for your hard work so far, and i wish you best luck for your lives!

    Bye and thanks again!

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  3. I am sorry to heard that. I trully enjoied it, even though it was really difficult to read it in english . All in all. I wish you two the best. See you.


  4. I’m really sorry, but I also understand your motives. (Sorry, I’ve never posted before, but I’ve followed you for a long time). Anyway, I also hope wuxiaworld will pick this up like it did for LDK. Just a random thought I’ve been “fermenting” for some time: would anyone be interested in an italian translation of this (or something similar?) I may not know chinese/korean/japanese, but I’m an italian/english, english/italian translator, as well as an italian novelist, and I noticed there’s no italian translation of anything at all, anywhere, and I don’t know if it would work.


    • Are you italian and are you into novels this much? Nice and great, i can hardly believe it!
      And were you saying you’ve your own novel?

      Drop me the link of it and whenever you are interested in translating series english to italian, i would love to help you!



      • Yeah! I’m just addicted to it! Lol. But I also understand that this kind of novels are not very well known in Italy, that’s why I wondered how and if to do it. If you have an inkling on it, you can contact me privately on maddalenacioce@gmail.com. We can try. By the way, I’m a novelist, yes, but I publish books, I don’t write on line. You can find me on Amazon as Maddalena Cioce.


        • So I’m not the only italian around here. I wouldn’t call myself a novelist, but I’m also trying to write down a novel. If you are interested in checking that out, you can find it posted on my wordpress blog. If you’re looking for help for some english/italian translation you may also contact me through the blog mail service


            • Of course I want the project to be big, and that calls for help. Alright, here’s what I’ll do: I’ll start building a blog and start translating a few chapters of this novel here. If the project goes well, and I reach the english translated chapters, I then may consider beginning a new project. I’m already a grammar nazi and my own editor, so at the beginning dishing out chapters won’t be a problem. The “problem” would be having too many sponsored chapters per day… and I would love to have that problem and to ask for help. πŸ˜„ I saved your blog in my favs, I’ll let you know when I start. Stay tuned and let’s see what happens πŸ˜‰

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    • I’m not fluent in Italian, but I’ve studied the language for a couple of years at university. If you end up wanting to translate from English to Italian, I could help on my free time.


  5. I’m relatively new and just started reading but I wish to say thank you. I know that translating these stories takes out a lot of your free time that you could be using doing anything else besides translating Chinese stories for others enjoyment. Thank you and have a good holiday. If you ever want to start it up again than do it but don’t let us influence you on any of your decision making

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  6. Thank you for the translations and the work you did to give us these chapters. I’ve really enjoyed the series (just haven’t really posted before), but it makes sense to drop, especially if you have so much on your plate. Thank you again!


  7. @setras

    Check out what @furlo82614 is saying, seems like wuxiaworld would like ti pick up DD2, it would be great considering their pace, it’s the least this series deserves it! 😍

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  8. Thank you for all your efforts thus far. I am bilingual in both English and Chinese and I understand that translating the douluo dalu series is indeed very challenging due to the need to standardize all the various abilities and names and match it with the manhwa series. Your efforts in translating have been superb!

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    • its not happening for this site atleast. I hope radianttranslations or other translators pick up where it left off otherwise were left with what’s currently done for now.


  9. The only word I can think of for how I feel is disappointed. I understand this is a personal thing and life has a tendency to get in the way but I had hoped to follow this through to the end, devouring chapter after chapter as time went on.

    Welp, you win some you lose some. (Children?)


  10. Although it is disappointing, it’s also understandable. You both are going through some very important changes and transitions in your life. I’m currently at the same point in my life as well. Wish you both a lot of luck!! Thank you so much for providing us with translations so far. I know a lot of work goes into doing these translations, but I hope some day in the future, you both or someone else can pick up this series again!


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