Chapter 36 – Part 2 Posted

Link is here


I will catch up to the release schedule tomorrow. Expect a lot of posts!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 36 – Part 2 Posted

  1. I just realize that there was a schedule and I’ll like to say don’t overwork yourself to catch up. I enjoy reading your translations and it makes me very happy to know that you’re working on it but I believe that you should enjoy/use your time for things you enjoying doing. Still, I look forward to the future chapters and thanks for today’s chapter ^^

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I am using the schedule to motivate myself to release chapters more regularly. There are endless obligations to take up my time, so I am also using this to remind myself to take a break when I can. Translating this story is fun for me as well. 🙂


      • I’m glad to know that you’re enjoying translating this! I read your other translations today. It was really enjoyable, thank you so much for putting time and effort into translating and sharing it with us.i look forward to more chapters know ^^

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