Chapter 32 – Part 4 Posted

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – Part 4 Posted

  1. I am thankful that somone is translating this, but I really wish there could be more. The light novel is so far behind the manga, and getting half a chapter a month is not enough. I realize how much work goes into translating, and that its voluntary, which is why i say thank you. I also request finding help or even start posting whole chapters…At least every 2 weeks.

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    • In their defence the author of this novel splits each chapter into parts, with those parts being the size of a normal author’s whole chapter. That is why Cookie Pasta splits the chapters into parts.

      (Basically the author splits each chapter into multiple parts, each being the size of a chapter. Cookie Pasta just translates those parts without putting them together to make a really large chapter. (This was meant to sum it up but it’s way longer than my original text 😦 ))


  2. I also wonder just what is the status of the translations… wonder if I can help… this story is too awesome to just sit…


  3. if its been dropped i hope someone picks it up or collabs with the main translator. I also hope he/she (the main translator) is doing fine since this long wait without updates and such or any word telling us if he/she is on break is rather alarming. 😦 i really like this translation


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