Chapter 30 – Part 1 Posted

Link is here



23 thoughts on “Chapter 30 – Part 1 Posted

  1. Hi setras and co. Have not visited your site in a while but glad to see you guys are still running strong. Keep up the good work for my fav novel. Just a question, is there no way for you guys to get a link to your site on bagleson from blue silver translations page. His link is still to the previous translator who dropped this. Could get more people interested in your project? Just thought. Cheers


  2. I’m waiting for you guys to reach the part where yuhao gets his second ring to start reading your translation instead of the manhwa, cause I know you’ll be able to describe things much better and to create a much better suspence. So please (I may be egoistic saying this, but you’ll have to excuse me. That’s just how much I love this story) hurry it up!! I’m (and I know I’m not the only one) cheering for you!!


  3. Why is it that I can’t read the older chapters? Everytime I click the links a message pops up and says ooops can’t find the page?


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