Chapter 29 – Part 1 Posted

Link is here



10 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – Part 1 Posted

  1. Thanks for the update! Is there any way to bump it to a chapter a week. The maga is so far ahead of the ln translations. We’ll never catch up at this pace.


    • We can probably try to do that in June. Problem for me is that translating during the school semester is hard. But, I’m graduating this month and pretty free after the first week of June until August. So maybe I’ll try to do a chapter a day to catch up and gain more readers too.


      • I totally understand. School gets really busy. The man gas slowed down and I’m used to reading ahead with other ln’s. Don’t overwork yourself, but more chapters would certainly be awesome.


      • That would be amazing, all the support i just don’t want to start reading till the story catches up to the manhua cause i know most the story anyway. I’m aware the LN is far better so when you guys catch up I’ll be starting from the begging to get the full experience. Best of luck with graduation and thanks for the translations!


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