Chapter 23 – Part 2 Posted

Link is here

I got tired of studying so I translated a little instead.




13 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Part 2 Posted

      • Nah, don’t worry about your translating speed,
        you guys are doing a great job as it is.
        just take your time so you can enjoy translating.
        douluo dalu 2 is a enjoyable read, so who cares about the spoilers from 2.5 ( I sure don’t XD)
        we (all your leechers who visiting your site) will still be reading all the hard work, blood and tears you guys give for this novel.
        so take your time, because you don’t want to hate translating, thanks to the pressure of more and more releases of chapters and quit half way (like some japanese novel translaters who quit for this reason, and for some saddening replies which where anoying and hatefull from leechers like us, who couldn’t take some patience to wait for some new chapters (-_-‘))
        Anyway, you guys are doing a terrific job in translating, so don’t worry about speeding up your translating and take your time studying.

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    • Hmm… I kind of want to read DD2.5 now just to find out what happens… Wonder if I should translate it at the same time. I can translate close to the speed I read/type but it would slow down DD2 translations T.T


      • I don’t think that is a good idea.

        From what I read (though I haven’t actually read the story), 2.5 actually has a lot to do with the characters after they become gods (I don’t think it counts as a spoiler because it’s the obvious result).

        So it might actually spoil a lot for both Douluo Dalu 1 & 2.

        Besides, DD2 should probably be finished 1st 😛


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