Chapter 22 – Part 2 Posted

Link is here

Sorry for the delay. Got caught up with winter break. Expect many more chapters coming soon!


One thought on “Chapter 22 – Part 2 Posted

  1. Don’t worry about the delay,
    We’re greatfull for the release no matter if it was delayed.
    and i wish you guys a good and fortunate 2016
    (Here in holland it’s almost half past six pm, so now it’s a little bit more than 5 1/2 hours to go till the year change)
    And thank you for all the great work you guys gave us thanks to your translations this past year!!!
    And for (i hope) the great efforts you guys give us (the great amount of leeches) with more chapters of douluo dalu 2 in the next year.
    and i give my cheers to you guys.
    happy new year dudes, happy new year!!!!

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