Part 3

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6 thoughts on “CHAPTER 19 – PART 3 POSTED

  1. Hey, hello Vennaenna!

    Just giving some advising.

    Today is my first day visiting your site, and there are a few things that you should ajust to have a better visual.

    Try add the name of the translation, for ex: I had to roll down until chapter 1 to see which novel u are translating…

    And, if possible, add some kind of Table of Contents.

    I know you started the project recently, but it`ll help.

    Also, if you can, put some index informing the what is the novel.

    I love duoluo dalu, really! But i`m kind concerned about reading this duoluo dalu, because it might have some major spoilers about duoluo dalu. If you can put some information about it, like a advise informing there are some major spoilers.

    Just trying to help! I`ll for sure read your translations.

    Keep up with this!

    And, for last, put some donate button, in the worst case, you`ll get nothing, but if you get $10, its worth!

    The guys from are getting large funds!



  2. Thanks for the chapterr!! Im just curious, are you guys working with bagelson who translates doulou dalu 1? hahahah, its just that sometimes your releases are kinda synched so i get like 2 things to read at once, its really nice XD


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