Chapter 19 – Part 1 Posted

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – Part 1 Posted

  1. Hey, you know, while looking at why the word “sect” was used… I remembered a post you did earlier…

    Apparently “sect” is a term that is also used for martial art groups.

    Sect could also be used for: something to follow, a pathway, a course of conduct, a school of thought.

    It is also: any group, party, or faction united by a specific doctrine or under a doctrinal leader.

    So “Tang Sect” is basically a Martial Arts Sect… so it is the proper term to translate…

    And it was commonly used to translate these martial arts group for years, even before fan translations of Wuxia was popular (since the 1950s, and maybe even earlier) so it is actually appropriate to use “Tang Sect”

    Just learned about this stuff today, and remembering, I thought I should share it with you….

    So “Sect” is a proper term to use for these Martial Art groups…


  2. I suddenly feel like whole chapter translations (not part 1-4) are kinda better? they use this in the bluesilvertranslations for Doulou Dalu I, and it really leaves some sort of suspense cause you have a whole chapter of info, and then it stops, and then youre like “OMG whats gonna happen next”, tho I feel that in part by part translations too, but in a lesser degree cause updates are generally faster

    watcha think guys?


    • Hey thanks for replying but I don’t have a follow button at the bottom? All I’ve got is a “notify me of new comments via email” “blog at” and “the minnow theme”


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