Chapter 13 – Part 1 Posted

Link is here

Half way done with Volume 1!



5 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – Part 1 Posted

  1. i know for a fact that the author of this changed from writing each chapter in parts to in solid chapters with doluluo dalu 1 and i was wondering if you know if he does the same at some point in this one?


    • He doesn’t. The raws online simply go from 4 parts to 3 parts starting from chapter 33. However, he did publish this story in physical book form. I think the books are edited too. Unfortunately, even though we are following it’s naming/chapters, we don’t have the physical books.


        • I can release them in whole chapters when they become shorter with only 3 parts. Or I guess I can set up a donation button so we can get some money to buy the physical novels and see how the chapters are set up. It’s only like $60 for the entire series with shipping included I think lol


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