Question + Expect many releases today!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all your interest. The website and community has really grown in the last few days. As we are translating everyday, we are noticing that sometimes the parts are divided in between dialogues which is kind of annoying to follow. So the question is, would you like us to release the chapters in parts like the original author or release entire chapters every few days? Please vote here

Also we’re finally done with some busy days and its time to relax! So we will be translating many chapters today and tomorrow! Expect a lot šŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “Question + Expect many releases today!

  1. Hi. I know that you are translating this series due to being big fans of bagelson and his great work on doulou dalu. He had a link to the previous translation group on his site bit they are inactive/dropped the series now. Mabey ask them to update the link to your site? Just a thought.


  2. Ps. Be warned though some of the commenters can be jerks about release times but dont let that bother you. I really really appreciate the effort.


    • Np. I am a reader myself so I know how much people want to read the next parts. I also see more comments about how fast we are translating than being too slow so we’re happy šŸ™‚


  3. I wont mind reading part by part, because doing full chapter is a tedious work and proofreading will be a bit hard, as I believe you already tired from translating and trying to fix the chapter to keep it flowing, so i guess the writing will be mumbo jumbo in front of you, i guess doing parts are better than full chapter. Take your time. Eventually you will catch up with everything. Digging holes and making sense is hard. Thank you for your hard work


  4. Voted for full chapter just because at glance it seems less time consuming for TLtor. To post the release, set links for previous and next part, add the link in the chapter list may seem negligible, yet boring and distracting.
    Well that was imho, and I may be wrong as I don’t have this sort of blog.
    Have a nice day!


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