Chapter 9 – Part 2 Posted

Link is here

Going to sleep now. Will translate more tomorrow.



13 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Part 2 Posted

  1. Woot!
    BTW, there is indeed someone posting on reddit, but it’s far from being consistent. I’d advise you to post there everytime. Personally, the series I start reading are those that are constantly being posted there. Since your translations are pretty consistent, I think your viewers would increase quite a bit if you posted there every part you translated.


  2. Thanks for translating this novel!!! Btw do you think that you could combine all the parts of a chapter into one long chapter. They are technically one chapter just broken up into smaller chunks. I personally would rather have really long chapters then a lot of smaller ones. I find with smaller chapters that just when i get absorbed into the story the chapter ends. Also this mights help if you wanted to post on reddit. Also there is no way to move to the next chapter or previous chapter, if possible could you add something like that. Thanks again for picking up this series and good luck!!!!


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