Chapter 8 – Part 4 Posted

Link is here

Been messing around with the site lately to figure out an automated way to generate previous and next page links but looks like that is impossible so I spent some time adding manual links to everything. Wasted some time on this instead of translating =\


6 thoughts on “Chapter 8 – Part 4 Posted

  1. Yep, I’m stalking you too. I gave up on Panda. Oh, and Hi, I’m your new page stalker/leecher/finallysomeoneistranslatingthisandishouldhavetakenchineseinsteadoffrench
    Thanks for the Translation. I will definitely learn Chinese one day because in the current time, my favorite novels are in Chinese…

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    • french is love, french is life, it’s totally useless and i’m happy that my native language o/ (in fact, it’s not that useless, especially if you come to France because, … well, we don’t really speak anything else)


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