Douluo Dalu 3 + Douluo Dalu 4

For those who are curious. Douluo Dalu 3 will be coming out January 2016. It will be a story about struggles in the Gods Realm and Tang San’s son.

Also in this story we are translating now, you will find out about the endings for Shrek’s Seven Devils and their descendants (but if you have been reading the manhua, I guess it’s pretty obvious who is whose descendant considering they have the same battle spirits).

There will also be a Douluo Dalu 4 but there are no details on what that will be about.

So… What do you guys think?


12 thoughts on “Douluo Dalu 3 + Douluo Dalu 4

  1. Alot of translates I want to get through. The doulou dalu first series is halfway translated, just found out about this series from the raws it looks longer than the first novel. Still 2 more on the way. That is alot of translates. I love the idea of the doulou dalu world, its another comics I normally read weekly.


  2. I actually started reading from Manhua then could not tolerate and find light novel for the continuous story. I love Douluo Dalu series very much. Thanks a lot for translating this and also the news about Douluo Dalu 3 & 4. I am looking forward to read them all. Time for sleepless days and nights again. LOL.


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