Chapter 2 – Part I Posted

Please find it here

I still haven’t figured out how to add a table of contents or a menu to index the increasing number of chapters…


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Part I Posted

  1. Thank you so much for your work I was getting troubled because of panda not releasing chapters for one month and got so desperate that I started to even read the manga ( which is not that bad:) you are a lifesaver and I can also work as a proofreader but I’m only proficient in english and I don’t know if that is useful for you.


    • Hi there. Please look at the post I made before explaining why I am translating here. We are a two person translating group already and our release schedule is very different from panda’s. The reason we are translating from the beginning is to have more consistency in style and the terms/names we use.
      As for speed… Not sure if we can speed up more lol… I think we are already faster than most groups out there…


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