Thank you all for your interest!

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your interest and support!

I suddenly got an inflow of comments about why I am starting this translation when Pandafuq had already translated 7 chapters. To address this concern, I would like to first say that I appreciate what he has done very much. I am in no way replacing his work as I believe he is a better translator than I am. That said, I am translating this novel for those who would like to read the story on a more regular basis. I am also doing this out of my own interest and my admiration for Bagelson’s tireless work.

Many of you have also asked me to start from chapter 7. As a reader, I completely understand where you are coming from. But as a translator, I find it very hard to pick off where another has left off since everyone uses different styles and terms. This is especially hard with translations because the same word/phrase can be translated differently. So please have patience. I promise you all that I will catch up by the end of next week!

If you have read the first few translations, you may have realized that I really need a proofreader xP. Someone volunteered last night to proofread and edit so expect edits after I post each chapter.

As for the release frequency. Let’s say 1-2 parts of a chapter a day. The current translations are done by my friend and I, so we finish these pretty fast. On free days like the weekends, we may even release more.

For now, enjoy reading and have a good day, morning, afternoon, evening and night!


6 thoughts on “Thank you all for your interest!

  1. What I admired really with Bagelson and his team (and this is in no way to insult other translators) is that he does not take donations but still translate at a good pace.

    I hope you wont get tired translating, and just keep it at a mild pace for you not to get burned out.

    I can help you with site layout and what not(I made the code for SYWZ’s chapter navigation), and proofread from time to time..just let me know if you need my help.

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  2. Betting money right now the fast pace won’t last, the honeymoon period fades for everyone sooner or later. Perhaps you’re one of the rare few who made of tougher stuff and can keep the pace up after the initial feeling of doing something fresh & new fades but I honestly doubt it just due to the rarity of such people.


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