Hi everyone!

Hello! I’m Vennaenna! This will be my first attempt at translating a light novel. Since Combat Continent (Douluo Dalu) has been so popular, I thought I would start on the sequel for those who are looking forward to seeing how the world changed after ten thousand years.

I just translated the prologue. Please comment below if you are interested in seeing more! If people are interested in this story, I plan to translate a few chapters a week!


12 thoughts on “Hi everyone!

  1. Thank you for your efforts. I’m happy to read more from this light novel. Sometimes, manhwas don’t do enough justice on the light novels. Please, do continue on translating this. Thank you so much. 🙂

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  2. This is already being translated at pandatranslations.net, and has been translating for a while. It’s already up to chapter 7 part 2, so I’m assuming you didn’t know. Maybe you’d like to get in contact with that translator?


  3. Hi I don’t know if you know about panda transaltions. He has translated some things but isn’t going that fast and all, so I’m really happy that you decided to translate this. Hopefully there will be no friciton between the two of you. Good luck I will try to support as much as possible.


  4. Greetings to a new translator! I will save you some trouble though, this project has been translated up to Chapter 7 Part 2, however the translator is currently MIA. If you dropped a line and set up some links I am sure you could take over for them from 7.

    Web address of the other translator is: http://pandatranslations.net/


  5. As far as I know, this is already being translated, could it be you’re unsatisfied with the current translations of this? Currently there are 6 and a half chapters translated by panda, link is here: http://pandatranslations.net/

    Ofc, If you see this translation as lacking and wish to translate yourself, nobody will be stopping you, quite the opposite 😛 Well, good luck anyways, if you didn’t know about panda translations you might want to inform him about it too…


    • Honestly I think he is a better translator. But. Being a lover of novels, it drives me crazy knowing that the story is done but I can’t read all of it. I’m guessing that many of you are just like me so I want to share this story on a more regular basis with all of you.


  6. There was another translator doing this series, but it hasn’t been updated, to my knowledge, in over a month. Did he finally drop it?

    If so I’m actually happy that a more reliable site would pick this up since there were weeks between releases before.


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